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Day of "Síly územní obrany" Czech Army


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The Czechoslovak army in defence

The garrison of the border citadels pertain to elite of Czechoslovak army, so the commander of the blockhouse K-S14 do not lost the time and energize. He let replace hurt soldiery in right casemate by the next soldiery. Exchange damaged arms (anti-tank cannon, double machine-gun) are realized as per as many times repetition drill and very quickly. Commander call for the barrage fire to the nearness blockhouse. This assistance provide him battery of 100 mm howitzers model 38
Hakl in barrage fire from the K-Bg-S11 blockhouse in the "Hůrka" citadel. First armoured troop-carrier is situated in the defence zone of blockhouses, when the blockhouse KS-14 "U Cihelny" again start fire. Driver in the first armoured troop-carrier is hit and his troop-carrier ride into the anti-tank ditch, where crash. Driver in the second armoured troop-carrier take notice danger, but it is too late to any manoeuvre. Troop-carrier begin fire after direct hit and the crew try to bounce out. Barrage fire stop odd troop-carriers.

Attack of German's army is stopped. They lost their main support like armoured troop-carriers, Czechoslovak Praga RN with Czechoslovak infantry artillery sow death and it is impossible to come through the machine-guns fire. The last gasper of German's offensive plans is arrival Czechoslovak infantry. They bounce out from trucks and deploy. Infantry in the second wave is reinforce by the units of Guards of defence state (SOS), Financial guards, and Field gendarmary units. German's commanders realise that they dropped and try to retreat. They retreat with support of some few machine-guns, which make heavy losses in Czechoslovak army. Before the border pass close fight. Not even this last despite do not achieve to stop counter-attack of Czechoslovak army. Czechoslovak soldiery set up the boundary stone like the symbolic recovery state border.

                                                              Translation David Maršálek and Jiří Kučera

German army attacked the Czechoslovak Republic - 1st part
Snapshot from backstage and Czech army program's - 3rd part

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